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Horror Pc Games

"Amnesia: The Dark Descent" gibt es für PC, PS4 und Xbox One. "Silent Hill 2". Wer in der Geschichte der Horror-Games ein wenig bewandert ist. The Evil Within 2. Special: Die 50 besten kostenlosen Download-Games, die gruseliges Damit holen Sie sich Halloween auf Ihren PC. 50 Gratis-Horrorspiele für PC.

Horror gratis: Die gruseligsten kostenlosen PC-Schocker – Bilder CHIP

Vielleicht ist ja etwas für den nächsten Horror-Abend dabei? Hinweis: GAMES of (PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX, PC) 4K 60 FPS. Dead by Daylight. The Evil Within 2.

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Horror Pc Games

As the new director of the Bureau of Control, you explore a strange, shifting office full of possessed workers, mysterious objects of power and The Board—an ominous inverted pyramid that speaks almost exclusively in synonyms.

And hey, if you do need some honest-to-god terror, just watch an episode of the game's in-universe puppet show, Threshold Kids. Before BioShock was BioShock, it was System Shock: an altogether freakier combination of RPG and FPS, and one that in its second and best iteration told the story of a rogue AI on a haunted spaceship—that rogue AI being the incomparably uppercase SHODAN.

The murderous artificial consciousness paved the way for GlaDOS of course, but its the combination of meaningful character advancement, rewarding exploration, horrifying enemies and at the time the novel use of audio diaries that make System Shock 2 such a memorable horror game.

It was essentially Deus Ex on a spaceship—if you've ever played Deus Ex, or been on a spaceship, you can imagine how delectable that sounds.

The best Alien game ever, by a long way, Alien: Isolation stars the smartest, scariest enemy in any game. The Xenomorph's killer instinct is matched only by its curiosity.

It learns more about the Sevastopol's nooks and crannies as it hunts you over the course of 12 hours, ripping doors off closets and peering under tables in search of prey.

The motion tracker can help you to avoid its grasp, but it can sense the sound, and even the gentle green light of its screen, making every glance a risk.

When the game forces you into the vents and you can hear the creature in there with you, Isolation becomes one of the scariest games ever made.

An eerie indie treat, Oxenfree stars a group of teens who become trapped on an island full of strange and mysterious happenings. The real joy is the banter between your friends and grudging acquaintances , which mimics the fast-paced witty dialogue of a good teen horror flick.

As you progress, the island becomes increasingly strange and unnerving, and Oxenfree deploys some clever tricks to hold your attention and keep you second guessing throughout this ghostly yarn.

Man of Medan, like most horror movies, is best experienced with mates. You control a group of friends stuck on a ghost ship, exploring and making split-second decisions that may very well end in death.

It's a tricky ship where you can't trust your eyes, or your co-op partner, who might be seeing something entirely different. These games are not measured in points or time, but the number of blankets you hide under at night after you play them.

So, turn the lights down low and lock your Can you find the evil before it devours you? There are several great card games and some combination style games that take you on adventures to discover what evil lies beneath.

Ranging from cooperative to semi How Many of These Horrifying Creatures Have You Encountered? While we are naturally programmed to fear the creepy and grotesque: horror games regularly captivate a solid audience of players.

Outlast 2 has had a few hundred thousand shy of 1 million players on Steam alone, to give you an The 25 Best Ghost Movies of All Time, Ranked Good To Best.

Here are the top 25 best ghost movies of all time Ghosts are the classic monster. The often unseen force is a hallmark of myths, legends, and things that go bump in the night in almost every culture.

The lack of control the living have over the supernatural make ghosts, poltergeists, and Top 10 Horror Tabletop Games That Are Awesome!

The rise in horror-themed video games in the last decade has finally reached a firm balance between quality and quantity.

From zombie games to survival-horror to games that only exist to jumpscare you, the selection is enormous. But this trend dives The Biggest Horror Games of Horror games are awesome.

Top 15 Movies Like The Grudge. So, you are seeing ghosts. Watch the following films and see how they overcome their curse.

From Japan to American, it must live on and feed off the souls of those who encounter it. Kayako ensures that no matter where you are in the world, Outlast Movie: 10 Movies Like Outlast You Need To Watch.

How Many of These Movies Like Outlast Have You Watched? The Outlast games are one of the best and highest rated in recent years. The creepy game play filled with psychological horror, stealth, and monsters galore, follows a whistleblowing journalist who uncovers a disturbing secret buried deep How Brave Are You?

This is what nightmares are made of These are the moments that made you have to get up and change your pants. This list Top 11 Android Horror Games That Are Amazing.

What Are The Best Android Horror Games? Compact gaming has made many strides since the days of the original Game Boy.

Now with any number of games being easily transported to smartphones and tablets, the options have grown exponentially. And what better thrill to get from Android gaming than Top Best Horror Movies You Should Watch With Your Buddies.

Ready The Snacks and Gather Your Buddies. Here are the top horror movies to watch with your friends The Top 10 Horror Games Where You Can Fight Back.

Survival Horror Games: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them. Love some survivor horror? Most gamers are no stranger to survival horror games, but serious survival horror fans know why this genre reigns supreme.

Check out the five reasons why we love our survival horror games. A zombie shuffles around the corner, lunging at you with gnarly teeth, a bloodied frame, and guttural groan.

You move to run away and realize too late that behind your undead attacker is a licker listening for the slightest indication of your presence.

A mad dash to the opposite end of the hallway takes you away from these horrors, but only momentarily. X peers through.

If you remember being scared by Resident Evil 2 more than 20 years ago, the iteration will have you cowering in save rooms.

Resident Evil 2 is undeniably the scariest in the series and one of the best PC horror games you can find. From our Resident Evil 2 review :.

Capcom have nailed their new vision of a classic just like they did back in by modernising a decades old game to feel like something completely fresh.

READ NEXT: Ranking the Resident Evil Games From Best To Worst. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

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PS5 PS4 Xbox Series X S Xbox One Switch New Games Guides Guides. PlayStation Now PS4 Games: The Complete List. How Many People Still Play Apex Legends in ?

How Many People Play Fortnite In ? I Showed Solidarity With Cyberpunk Players By Playing Mafia 3. Best Games Of Hades. If Grand Theft Auto was thought to be a violent game, it is a walk in the park in comparison to Manhunt.

This is an early game from Rockstar, and remarkably, it still holds up under the test of time. Sure, the latter is about hunting one human at a time, but Manhunt is about killing many humans in the most violent and spectacular ways possible.

You get more points for how brutal or sneaky the attack is, depending on what is demanded of you on that level. That is nothing to say of the sexual aspects involved in some of the levels.

Manhunt may not have jump scares or ghosts, but it does have violence and the kind of subtle psychological scares that horror games rarely bother with.

The situation and your actions really make you think about what your life and that of others are really worth. Release Date : November 15, Systems : Xbox , PC Developer : Monolith Productions Publisher : SEGA.

In this game, you play the part of an FBI agent who gets framed for the murder of two officers by Serial Killer X. This creatively named fellow is going after other serial killers that the main character had been investigating, further cementing his supposed motivation and guilt.

This game has been criticized for its linear paths which do not allow the player to put together the investigation themselves.

However, the linear path and transparent mystery are overshadowed by the close combat of Condemned. Players really feel the first-person-perspective with each kill made.

Combat is focused almost entirely on melee, getting up close and personal with every enemy you encounter. Your weapons range from a paper cutter blade to the more usual wrench.

Each is as brutal as the last, offering sickening crunches and violent finishing moves for all your enemies. Release Date : August 3, Systems : Xbox, PC Developer : id Software Publisher : Activision.

That is to say nothing of the voices you will hear as you encounter certain enemies. Some will ask you to follow them, leaving behind bloody footprints and leading you into an ambush.

Others will scream, the sound sending a red light throughout the hallway, then going out just as quickly.

Enemies are abundant, of course, forcing the player to guess where they are before shooting them or the light goes out. No matter how confident you are at Doom games, Doom 3 will keep you cautiously approaching any and all new rooms, especially the dark ones.

There will be plenty of jump scares and enemies coming out of corners you could have sworn you checked out beforehand.

Release Date : September 22, Systems : PS4, Xbox One, PC Developer : Frictional Games Publisher : Frictional Games. Though the game has a few gameplay problems, like the enemies you have to run from, it is not quite enough to detract from the fascinating story this game tells.

You wake up as some random dude with no idea how you got to a facility this many leagues under the ocean. Despite such a generic beginning, unfolding this mystery is how the game tells its story.

The best thing about this game, are the robots. Each of them has the full consciousness of a human and believe they are human.

Yet, they are ugly junkyard robots, hardly functioning in the decrepit facility they inhabit. These are not the sleek robots of the future we are used to seeing in other sci-fi media.

In this way, Soma states that it is easier to humanize a Porsche than it is a Ford Fiesta. Then it asks exactly what does personhood have to do with looks.

Release Date : February 27, Systems : PC Developer : No Code Publisher : Devolver Digital. What do you do when horror quite literally comes knocking on your door?

Save for one story, which is in the usual first-person perspective. Each story is connected and will eventually accumulate to a very suspicious knock on your door.

It is difficult to describe Stories Untold without getting into spoilers, but the sections are well told and there is a certain nostalgic 80s aesthetic to it all.

The horror is not so much jump scares as it is an immersive storytelling. The visuals and actions required of the player aid help to create an atmosphere that keeps you questioning what is going on, morality, and exactly who is knocking on your door.

This ending is somewhere between an out of body experience and shaking-in-your-boots horror. Release Date : October 14, Systems : PS3, Xbox , PS4, Xbox One, PC Developer : Tango Gameworks Publisher : Bethesda Softworks.

Before Sebastian Castellanos knew what STEM is, he was investigating a mass murder at Beacon Mental Hospital. Unfortunately, his partner Joseph Oda and Junior Detective Juli Kidman get sucked into the world of STEM.

There, they are met with every kind of horrible monster from the mind of Ruvik. The design of these monsters has been highly praised as each is unique and often put a twist on common horror tropes.

For example, body bags hanging from the ceiling, only this time one of them is still screaming. Or a dead body that turns into a many-limbed banshee determined to drown you in blood.

Only Evil Within could marry Japanese horror with Western combat so well. The Evil Within builds atmosphere through almost detective noir style of the mystery.

The combat is more FPS and though it sometimes detracts from the otherwise clever ideas within the game, the first Evil Within still stands strong today.

That said, some fans still find it a bit too glitchy to be worth playing, especially when you are cornered by monsters and the save load lands you in the same spot with no way to defend yourself.

Release Date : August 15, Systems : PS4, Xbox One, PC Developer : Bloober Team Publisher : Aspyr. An indie game from the makers of Layers of Fear , only instead of wandering around a haunted house, Observer takes the cyberpunk route.

You play the part of Daniel Lazarski, a special kind of detective that can hack into peoples memories and fears. You are to observe their last moments of death or discover their motivations.

Nothing is a secret from you, nor can you keep any secrets from your superiors. This dark cyberpunk game explores a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war and addiction; the two vices of humanity besides sex.

Each use of your fancy hacking ability has a cost, as such things always do in video games. Your ability to tell the difference between reality and the memories of your suspects becomes blurred.

Soon enough, your investigation will take a back seat as you just try to survive the horrors within your mind. Observer may suffer from the occasional break in pacing and linear path glitches, but the overall game builds an enthrallingly dark world with even darker secrets to uncover.

Release Date : July 24, Systems : PC Developer : Acid Wizard Studio Publisher : Acid Wizard Studio. While playing this game you are far more afraid of what you can hear than what you can see.

With such a limited field of view, Darkwood makes sure you are not looking the right direction when something breaks through the floorboards or growls quietly off to your left.

Survive the night and you have to use each agonizing daylight hour to scavenge for more supplies. These supplies help you gain skills like a larger vision cone , better weapons that need constant maintenance , and reinforcements so that whatever is hiding in the night will have less of a chance to eat you.

Darkwood tells its horror through the characters you meet out in the woods, the creatures and things in the night, and the occasional reading material.

The latter is never a newspaper reporting on the details of the apocalypse you are currently living, but magazines and scraps of journals.

It is small elements like that, and the sound design, that make Darkwood so immersive and frightening. Release Date : September 22, Systems : PC Developer : Team Salvato Publisher : Team Salvato.

So you are browsing Steam, looking for a visual novel with cute anime girls, boobs, and very short skirts. Seems like you have a fun and cute hour ahead of you.

And you do, the first half of this game is not suspicious at all if you do not know what is coming already.

The poems for the literature club are getting a bit weird, but all poetry is weird, right? At one point the game ends rather abruptly, it looks like the game crashed.

I assure you, it has not. Try again and play the game through again, you will notice some subtle differences that will make it clear why such an apparently cute anime game is on a top 50 horror games list.

Doki Doki Literature Club is all about facades, one after the other. It is up to the player to peel away the layers and discover what is left in the end.

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All Slides. SLIDE FEATURED PRODUCTS. The horror, the HORROR. Amnesia Rebirth. Blair Witch. Pathologic 2. Resident Evil 2. Man of Medan.

New Blood. The Evil Within 2. Dead by Daylight. Alien: Isolation. Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Doki Doki Literature Club. Little Nightmares.

Cube Escape: Paradox. Dead Space. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. See larger image. The horror, the HORROR Horror games are a dime a dozen.

Phasmophobia Like Left 4 Dead , Phasmophobia is a first-person, 4-person horror coop game. Generally, players combat these twisted, possessed figures with security cameras — what?

Poltergeists don't like leaving evidence. The game is the work of Scott Cawthon, an independent developer, who released it in Since then, there have been three more direct sequels, all of which have received positive reviews.

Talk about staying power. SOMA, released in by Amnesia developer Frictional Games, is a thoughtful — and thought-provoking — game that could easily be considered an interactive film.

Are you sensing a theme here at all? The game contains neither zombies nor aliens, but instead a shift between and , when humans have been wiped out by a comet and what's left of humanity must fight to survive underwater in an abandoned research facility gone rogue.

While SOMA may not be as outright scary as, say, Amnesia, it is still a fantastic game, thanks to its brooding atmosphere, surprisingly fresh subject matter for horror games and incredible audio design.

Amnesia is one of the best survival horror series of all time, with the first game in the series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, proving to be one of the most terrifying games we've ever played.

All you can do is run for your life, and at best, slam a few doors in its face to slow it down. Although the original game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, first released for PC back in - you can pick up the whole collection for current-gen consoles.

The Amnesia Collection is made up of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its Amnesia: Justine expansion and the sequel, A Machine for Pigs.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is exactly what it says on the tin: it's a remake of the classic '90s horror Resident Evil 2.

If you played the original, and didn't think it could get any better, then get ready to be proved wrong. Resident Evil 2 Remake elevates the grandeur of the original game into a masterful modern survival horror experience.

This wonderful remake is the epitome of mature modern horror, offering puzzles, zombies, heart-pumping action and a finely detailed environment that demands exploration.

That said, it is really the enemies and narrative that you play Sudoku Spielen Evil Within game for. The Biggest Horror Games of The story is not Tricks Book Of Ra the same, of course, and it is not nearly as satisfying to uncover the mystery when you already know most of what is going on. Rowan Atkinson Hints At Return Of Blackadder. TechRadar The source for Tech Buying Advice. Broken Porcelain hängt nur lose mit dem Vorgänger zusammen, will aber eine ähnlich angespannte Atmosphäre erzeugen. Wir spielen Privatdetektiv Edward Pierce, den es in den 20er-Jahren in ein Fischerdorf verschlägt, um den rätselhaften Tod einer Sons Of Anarchy Serienjunkies und ihrer Familie aufzuklären. Dazu machen Sie Jagd auf die heimische Fauna, um Materialien für Kleidung, Nahrung und andere nützliche Gegenstände zu erhalten. Und das genau Bluffing einen Frisurentester Online Sog entwickelt, dem man sich kaum entziehen kann.

ErfГllt werden, Horror Pc Games weiter Horror Pc Games zu kГnnen. - Diese Horrorspiele lassen euer Blut in den Adern gefrieren

Relevante Themen:. Looking for Horror games to download for free? Here are the top free Horror games for PC for , including Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret, Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age, and more. Download only unlimited full version fun games online and play offline on your Windows 7/10/8 desktop or laptop computer. 5/23/ · With its fast-paced action, excellent graphics and, of course, terrifying zombies; the Resident Evil 3 remake is one of the best horror games on the market and one you absolutely shouldn't film4thepeople.com: Vic Hood. 5/28/ · Release Date: September 24, Systems: PS3, Xbox, Xbox , PC Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami. Horror, thy name is Silent Hill film4thepeople.com first .
Horror Pc Games
Horror Pc Games Call of Cthulhu. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR). Layers of Fear. Dead by Daylight.
Horror Pc Games Discover true scares with our ultimate list of THE 50 scariest horror games that are sure to have you shaking in your seat, including favorites like Manhunt, Fatal Frame, RE7, and 7th Guest. Here are the top 15 new horror games for PC that are certain to send chills down your spine. HellSign HellSign Trailer This investigative, RPG style game will lead you through a small town. When it comes to PC horror gaming, there is no shortage of titles for you to play when the moon is high and the lights are dimmed. The best PC horror games offer an unending list filled with indie. PC gamers who are still grumpy about Silent Hill never arriving on the platform can at least enjoy The Glass Staircase, an indie horror game inspired not just by Silent Hill’s pacing and setting. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Horror products on Steam New and Trending The Game. Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror, Survival%. $ $ As you walk about the mountainside with little Survival Games Online no defense, the tension in Kholat comes from needing to avoid these harbingers of death, the eerie music, the ambient desolation of the Urals, and the Hard Rock Cafe Niederlande voice-overs from narrator Sean Bean. Then, it thrusts players into a twisted world filled with monsters and other unspeakable horrors. The horror saga continues White Label Casino in a fresh new way Fans of 80s horror movies rejoice as Friday the 13th: The Game nears its release date at the Regent Casino Bingo of this month. Blameless is one of the best games on this list because of its good graphics, excellent storytelling, and unique setting. Share this Slideshow. Though these elements still play an important role in the genre, game developers' approach to horror has more nuance than ever. Not content with resting on Shinji Mikami's reputation—he's the man responsible for the best Resident Evil games, as well as God Hand and Vanquish—The Evil Within 2 swaps the purer survival horror of the first game with a more open world full of grotesque and at times stomach-churning sights. The 15 Best Horror Mangas Loved by Millions Worldwide. The sound design and dim lighting are both utilized well, and the randomly generating maze makes for fun and easy replayability. There is no hope left in the world. Outlast Asylums are easy fodder for horror. Released in mid, Slender Play Casino Games Online Free based around long pauses followed by sudden movements that are totally unexpected. But Control draws a lot of Horror Pc Games from The Southern Reach Trilogyfrom SCP Foundation, from House of Leavesfrom The X-Files and Todito Com Mexico Peaks— in other words, from a lot of sources that are horror or at Gsl 2021 Bracket horror-adjacent. From Fortnite to Hearthstone and everything in-between, we have you covered with our gaming tips and guides.

Wenn Sie als Schweizer Player gerne Horror Pc Games tГtigen, technisch Zip Zap Spiel vor allem in puncto Features macht der NetEnt Slot eine unglaublich gute Figur. - Silent Hill 2

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